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Long experience from chemical processes

Ultraprintís history goes back to early 1990ís when Solitra Oy, one of the real pioneers in mobile phone technology, divided its functions into three separate companies. Solitra Oy was an innovative company having its focus on research & development and manufacture of radio frequency filters and other wireless base station equipment.

After its establishment Ultraprint concentrated on manufacturing of demanding multilayer rigid circuit boards with plated through holes. Electrochemical coating with gold, nickel and tin were added into Ultraprintís service scope in the mid 90ís at the same time with etching of thin sheet metal products in panels and roll-to-roll.

After the turn of the millenium Ultraprint started to tackle the technical challenges related to etching of flexible laminates comprised of metal foil combined with plastic film (PET, PEN, PI). Decisions about discontinuing production of rigid circuit boards and coating services were made in 2002, although the know-how related to these processes still remained at Ultraprint.

Since 2002 Ultraprintís focus has been on manufacturing of roll-to-roll processed RFID products and precision metal parts produced in panel and roll-to-roll format.

New development program ongoing

Ultraprint became a member of Incap Corporation in 2003 and on July 16th 2008 the entire share capital of the company was sold to its operative management in MBO. With pure entrepreneurial spirit, strong will and motivating mission the new owners started a heavy three-year development program.

2012 whole share capital of Ultraprint Oy was acquired by Elcoflex Group. Due to low market demand for precision sheet metal parts, the sheet metal etching was discontinued in 2013 and the RFID antenna lines were moved to Elcoflex Kempele factory. Capability for RFID antennas has been further improved by new Class 10 clean room for exposure and new high speed etching line.

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